Dawn M. Priest


Lisa M. Dearth

Office Assistant / Clerk

The West Groton Water Supply District has grown the original well production of 30,400 gallons per day to a system that can provide in excess of 850,000 gallons per day of quality water for over 650 accounts and still growing.

The West Groton Water Supply District had the foresight to build an additional 600,000 gallon storage tank and secured the future quality water supply by developing the Town Forest well that has permitted withdrawal approval to provide 850,000 gallons per day.


The West Groton Water Supply District was formed in 1911 by Chapter 641
of the Acts of the Massachusetts State Legislature to serve the town of West Groton.

The West Groton Water Supply District was financed by local families who secured a $25,000 bond, payable over thirty (30) years to install eight (8) 2 ½" wells (which were retired in 2019 after an upgrade), as well as a pump station and a 211,000 gallon storage tank which continue in use.


 305 Townsend Road  West Groton, MA    Phone 978-448-3711         info@westgrotonwater.org

Providing West Groton with quality water for over 100 years.

Paul W. Curtin
Superintendent / General Manager
Emergency Service: 978-337-5265

Alex G. Krickl

​Water Technician


Robert E. Blood

Water Commissioner
Term Expires 2026

Joshua West
Water Commissioner
Term Expires 2024

Jason Kauppi
Water Commissioner
Term Expires 2025